Website Redesign

James William Pye x at
Tue Sep 11 00:47:55 UTC 2012

I'm looking to consolidate /index.html and /backend/index.html in order to give pg-python more attention.

pg-python is *still* a couple quantum leaps (I can decorate my entry point! :P) ahead of what core has going on,
and I realize that I haven't been trying to plug it as much as I should be.

So, one of the things I'd like to do is give /index.html a duality: left side of the page contains frontend information and the right side, backend information with some visual indicators of what each side represents. Some other general upgrades: code samples should be pygments highlighted, and maybe some more fun jquery/css animations. Like a sexy fade in/fade out of source examples, etc. in /union I was playing with some of the new CSS transforms. =)

I do have an idea of what I think would work, but it's still pretty rough:

It's actually a rather difficult design problem, IMO: We're trying to introduce and describe two subjects, at the same time, without causing confusion.

Anyone interested in doing some web design work? Potential front page plug on a site that gets 800 easy uniques per month. =)

Fair warning, it has to be more visually appealing than the current index.html pair.

However, I am quite open to style given that certain criteria is met.
Also, I think some website easters eggs are necessary, but what I have in mind is a secret. ;)

cheers, jwp

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