[Plr-general] "environment variable R_HOME not defined" on VISTA

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You are correct.  The installer links still seem to be pointing at the raw
binaries.  I think Joe just forgot to change the links when he changed the
text on the page.
Sure he'll get to it sometime soon.
Regarding the below.  You are missing the part about adding the R_HOME
variable to you System variables list.  See item 4 that R_HOME picture.
Don't have Vista around at moment so not sure exactly where that is, but if
you got this far, you must have gone to the right place in your install.
Just make sure you set this in System Variables NOT user variables
Hope that helps,


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Forgive my ignorance, I make these questions:
If I run the download of "binary installers, I get the files prl.dll and
plr.sql. I must therefore perform the same procedure that I have described
(and hence those errors).

If I download the "source installer", I get a file that I can not use:
This would be the installer? how do I use?


2010/2/22 Paragon Corporation <lr at pcorp.us>

Well actually Mike Leahy just released an installer, so that might be easier
to use.
Joe has already put it up, so try the installer and see if it works for you.
There is are binary installers for 8.2,8.3, and 8.4 now.
Hope that helps,


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Subject: [Plr-general] "environment variable R_HOME not defined" on VISTA

I ran the information that I found on the "almost idiot" guides, but since I
am a complete idiot: D, I still get this error: 
ERROR: environment variable not defined R_HOME.

Let me explain. 
I have a machine with Windows Vista SP1,  PostgreSQL 8.4, and I have two
users: Domenico and postgres.
Postgres is the user who starts the postmaster process, while "Domenico " is
the user I normally use (unless I was using PostgreSQL, I did not need to
create the new user of VISTA named "postgres", as is suggested by the
postgreSQL installer). 

At this point, I have carried out the instructions I found here:
I proceeded to execute the file prl.sql and not get any error. 
Run the command: "SELECT * FROM plr_environ ();", and I get no errors. From
the result of this command I can see that: 
in PATH is: "C: \ Program Files \ R \ R-2.10.0 \ bin"; 
There is also R_PATH: "C: \ Program Files \ R \ R-2.10.0". 

Now run the command: "SELECT load_r_typenames ()", and I get the error: 
ERROR: environment variable not defined R_HOME 
HINT: R_HOME must be defined in the environment of the user that starts the
postmaster process. 

I get the same errors whether I run the commands the user postgres (that
(should) starts the postmaster process), either by the user "Domm" I
normally use. 

What do you suggest? 


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