[Pgpool-general] pgpool-II 3.0 beta1/pgpoolAdmin 3.0 beta1 released

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Wed Aug 18 02:38:03 UTC 2010

Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the
availability of pgpool-II 3.0 beta1. In the mean time new version of
pgpoolAdmin, the GUI tool for pgpool-II, pgpoolAdmin 3.0 beta1 is

Users are encouraged to take part in our beta test program.
pgpool-II 3.0 beta1/pgpoolAdmin 3.0 beta1 can be down loaded here:


Pgpool-II 3.0 is an important version in its history. The internal
structure has been dramatically enhanced to make it more robust and
easier to maintenance. Also this version adopts to PostgreSQL 9.0's
built-in replication. Many enhancements are added also. So users of
PostgreSQL 8.4 or prior version should be able to enjoy pgpool-II
3.0's enhancements as well.

Pgpool-II 3.0 beta1 has been tested with PostgreSQL 9.0 beta4 and
prior version of PostgreSQL including 7.3.

Users of prior version of pgpool-II should be able to upgrade to
pgpool-II 3.0 without much pain. Especially pgpool-II 2.3.x users
should be able to migrate to 3.0 without changing pgpool.conf(it is
recommneded to use new pgpool.conf, though). If you find any
imcomaptibilty, please let us know.

However be warned that output format of some of pcp command are
changed. Please look into the documents. Also you should use
pgpoolAdmin 3.0 with pgpool-II 3.0. Prior version of pgpoolAdmin is
not compatible with pgpool-II 3.0.

Attached are release note of pgpool-II 3.0 and pgpoolAdmin 3.0.

Please help us in testing and making pgpool-II 3.0 better!

	  This is the first version of pgpool-II 3.0 series.
	  That is, a "major version up" from 2.2 or 2.3 series.

	  The biggest news is, this version adapts to PostgreSQL 9.0's new
	  feature: Streaming Replication/Hot Standby. Streaming
	  replication can be used as a sub mode of master slave
	  mode. Master slave mode itself heavily enhanced:

	  - SELECTs in explicit transactions can be load balanced

	  - In extended protocol, PARSE/BIND/DESCRIBE messages are sent to
        the node which execute EXECUTE message, not all node. This
        will reduce lock contentions.

	  - Auto start of transaction happens only when it needed.

	  - Temporary tables can be used safely.

	  - SELECT which calls functions possibly write to database
        executes on master(primary)
	  Also many new features are added and major refactoring has been
	  made to the internal structure of pgpoo-II. For example, in
	  replication mode, SELECTs calling functions possibly write to
	  database will not allow to load balance.

	  * New features

	  - Online recovery can be used with master/slave/streaming
        replication mode(Tatsuo)

	  - New directive "delay_threshold" is added to monitor
        replication delay in master/slave/streaming replication
        mode. If replication delay is too much, SELECTs are not load

	  - show pool_status shows replication delay in
        master/slave/streaming replication mode(Tatsuo)

	  - New directive "log_standby_delay" is added to control logging of
        replication delay in master/slave/streaming replication

	  - Add support for more "SHOW" commands: pool_nodes,
		pool_processes, pool_nodes, and pool_version(Guillaume Lelarge)

	  - Backend process id and whether frontend connects to this
        connection pool or not are added to pcp_proc_info's

	  - "Gracefuly detach" option is added to pcp_detatch_node. With
        this option, pcp_detatch_node waits until all frontends

      - New directive "white_function_list" and "black_function_list"
        are added to register functions those do not or do write to

      - In master/slave mode, SELECTs to system catalogs executes only
        on master/primary(Tatsuo)

      - In master/slave mode, SELECTs to temporary table executes only
        on master/primary(Tatsuo)

	  - In master/slave mode, write queries outside of explicit
        transactions no longer trigger to start internal

	  - In master/slave mode, SELECTs inside explicit transactions are
        load balanced(Tatsuo, Kitagawa)

	  - In master/slave mode, commands are no longer sent to all DB
        nodes. This will prevent unnecessary locking(Tatsuo, Kitagawa)

	  - New command option adds to ignore the status file when
        starting up(Tatsuo)

	  - Supports PostgreSQL 9.0's new VACUUM syntax(Tatsuo)

	  - New directive "failover_if_affected_tuples_mismatch" controls
        the behavior when number of result rows of
        INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE are differ(Tatsuo)

	  - When number of result rows of INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE are
        differ, each number are logged(Tatsuo)

	  - md5 authentication is supported in replication mode and
        master/slave mode(Tatsuo)

	  - Allow to force to move to online recovery second stage even
        there are connecting frontends(Tatsuo)

	  - If there's only one DB node and it triggers failover,
        pgpool-II will automatically connects if the DB node coming

	  - Pcp commands supports long options(Guillaume Lelarge)

	  - New directive "debug_level" added to control the debug message

	  - Allow to use various boolean representations as PostgreSQL in

	  * Bug fixes

	  - Do not rewrite statement which accesses columns having now()
		etc. as the default value but the data type are not timestamp
		etc.  Otherwise we have an error in DMLs(Tatsuo)

	  - Fix timestamp rewriting not to omit schema qualification(Tatsuo)

	  - Fix bug with timeout handling in pcp commands(Tatsuo)

	  - Fix SSL hang when large amount of data transfered(Tatsuo)

	  - Fix failover when there's only one DB node(Tatsuo)
pgpoolAdmon 3.0 beta1 2010/08/xx

	* Version 3.0

	  pgpoolAdmin 3.0 adopts pgpool-II 3.0.

	  - Add "Discard pgpool_status file(-D)" to pgpoolAdmin Setting(Anzai)

	  - Sync pgpool.conf Setting with pgpool-II 3.0(Anzai, Tatsuo)

	  - Add "Backend pid" (process if of PostgreSQL database
            server process) and "Frontend connected"(1 if frontend
            actually connets) to Process Info.(Tatsuo)

	  - Replace functions deprecated in PHP 5.3(Anzai)

	  - Refactor pgpool status/summary(Tatsuo)

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