[Bizgres-general] Bizgres update to use postgres 8.2 codebase underway

Mark Kirkwood mkirkwood at greenplum.com
Thu Mar 22 00:15:46 UTC 2007

Resource queues are now working again. There is some updated code I'm 
gonna check in later that fixes outstanding bugs and simplifies the code.

In addition I notice that a couple more things to do:
- Put back the Bizgres amended postgresql.conf defaults
- Clean out the contrib tree.



Mark Kirkwood wrote:
> Initial commit of the merge. 8.2 codebase is now in. Bitmap Indexes and 
> Resource Queuing are currently broken, and the Bizgres specific fast 
> copy changes are absent. I'll be arranging for 8.2 compatible versions 
> of these to be fixed/added....

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